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Custom Breast Prosthesis

Dignity Products is excited to carry the custom fit prosthesis by American Breast Care. Our professional certified fitters utilize state of the art technology to get your perfect fit. This item is available to everyone, some insurances may help cover costs.

The three step process:

*Step 1 Pre-Scanning Consultation

Meet with our fitter to determine if the custom breast prosthesis is the right choice for you. We will review the process, along with insurance and payment options. 

*Step 2 Finding the perfect bra

Our certified fitter will ensure you have the correct fit for your new custom form. Selecting the correct bra that fits you best is important. 

*Step 3 Personal Scan Session

Together, we will schedule an appointment for your personal scan visit. This session will last approximately one hour. Using a 3D scanning process we will get your precise measurements. The information is sent to American Breast Care, where they will design and create your custom prosthesis. 

  All American Breast Care Prosthesis are hand crafted in the USA.

Silicone and Non-Silicone Breast Prosthesis

We carry 4 basic styles of non-custom breast prostheses. They are available in standard silicone and whipped silicone. You may also choose a non-silicone prosthesis, which may be worn right after surgery, or in a bathing suit. Non-silicone prosthesis are great for those really hot days, or for working out.

Depending on the contour of your chest wall after surgery, your fitter will assist you with the correct size and shape prosthesis. It is not only important to select the correct shape and size but the correct weight. If there is not equal distribution of weight you could develop neck or upper back pain. Your fitter is knowledgeable, and will be able to answer your questions.


Partials are used to create symmetry. After a lumpectomy or reconstruction, partials are used to restore symmetry which reestablishes balance and weight. They are available in varying shapes and styles.

Because all women have unique needs, selecting the appropriate breast prosthesis is critical for a good fit. There are many vendors who offer many shapes, styles and sizes to fit any body type. Wearing the correctly fit breast form that matches the remaining breast in size and shape, helps replace the breast weight and keep the body aligned and evenly balanced. Breast profiles may either be shallow, average or full. Understanding the different profiles will ensure the best fit.

Pictured to the left is American Breast Care style 10270. It is designed with a wider footprint. The flowable gel back triangle prosthesis is ideal for uneven chest walls. Sizes available: 1-12

Introducing Amoena's new Adapt Air Breast Form! 

The advanced integrated air chamber allows custom adjustment to your chest wall and your natural silhouette. Thanks to Amoena's Comfort+ technology within the lightweight silicone form, Adapt Air is able to adjust and provide a perfect fit for women who have undergone a total mastectomy. 

After the prosthesis is placed against your chest wall, use the detachable pump to fill the form with air to your desire look and comfort. Because not all women are alike, the Adapt Air prosthesis allows you to adjust to your individual need. 

After having a mastectomy, most insurance plans (including Medicare) will help with coverage on this form. The Adapt Air is a unique alternative to the off-the-shelf prosthesis and the custom breast form. Please note: Adapt Air is considered an upgraded item, however the cost is only a fraction of the custom prosthesis.

For more information please visit Amoena's Adapt Air website.

Pocketed Bras

List of Medical Vendors: 

American Breast Care (ABC),






Almost You,



We provide a large selection of bras. Fashionable fabrics and designs offer comfort, support and a secure fit. All mastectomy bras include a soft pocket to hold your prosthesis comfortably and securely in place. 

Mastectomy bras are available in seamless and padded cups, strapless, front closure, underwire, wide straps, leotard back, long line, and fiber-filled. Many styles are available in the traditional colors: black, white and beige. Some bras also come in blue, merlot, lavender, pink, and various other colors.

Sporteze zip front pocketed bras are designed to fit snugly for maximum support. Due to post-surgery swelling or lymphedema, many ladies like this style of bra for under arm compression support. This bra conveniently zips in the front and is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, xLarge and 2xLarge. Colors available are black, white and gold. 

For more compression you may need our non-pocketed compression bra from Anita (style 1198). Go to the bottom of our Apparel/Compression page for more information.

Surgical Camisole

Dignity Products has different options available for your post breast surgery garment. Amoena style 2105 has an expandable neckline for easy step-in entry. This camisole is made of soft cotton and Lycra fabric which provides a snug, but not restrictive fit, with light breast support. Fiberfill Leisure Forms are included and detachable pouches for drainage management. For use with Jackson-Pratt™, Hemovac™ and other drainage management systems.

2105 is available in white (in store) or can be ordered in black or nude. 

Sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL


American Breast Care style 952 features a zipper-front and detachable shoulder clasp for easy wear and accessibility. Comfort strip padding on zippers protect sensitive skin from irritation. Camisole includes 2 velcro attachable drain pouches and 2 triangle puff leisure forms.

952 is available in white (in store) or can be ordered in black or beige. 

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL

"You made this sensitive experience so comfortable and reassuring for me."