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  The Pocketed Fashion Camisole

Dignity Products carries pocketed camisoles by Amoena. These light weight camisoles are great in summer weather and can fit comfortably under your colder weather clothes. Amoena's camis feature ultra soft Modla fabric, rounded neckline and double spaghetti straps. If your desired size or color is not available at our shop, we would be happy to order it.

Available colors and sizes:  

Black or White, sizes 8-24

Beige or Charcoal, sizes 6-20

As of 2022, the Fashion Camisole is a medical product and can be filed to insurance.

Swim Forms and Swim Wear

American Breast Care's Active Forms are ideal for sports bras and pocketed bathing suits. The quick-dryer spacer fabric allows the form to be water friendly and great for active wear. This form features lightweight microbeads, which conform to your chestwall.


We carry mastectomy swimsuits year round from several manufacturers. Sizes range from 8-24. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Swimsuits are pocketed to hold breast forms.

Compression Sleeves, Gloves and Gauntlets

Dignity Products provides expert compression arm sleeve, gauntlet and glove products.  Compression products are designed to control and contain swelling in arms and hands due to lymphedema. Additionally, these items can be used as a preventative onset of lymphedema when flying, in high altitudes or during repetitive activities. 

Gloves are available in limited colors, however the sleeves and gauntlets are available in a wide array of colors including Trend colors, tie-dyes and Juzo's Signature Print Series.

Click here to go to Juzo's website and view the current Signature sleeve and gauntlet prints.

Please schedule an appointment for compression fittings. 336-760-4333

Note: Some insurances may help cover cost(s) of compression items. However, Medicare, Medicare replacements and Medicare supplements do not cover compression.

Compression Bras

Anita's 1198 compression bra has been designed to aid in healing and recovery after breast surgery. Many doctors and physical therapist recommend this bra because it lessens post-operative pain and discomfort. This compression bra is design to decrease stress on incisions/wounds, which helps reduce swelling within the breast and under arms. Adding the belt helps anchor implants and prevents dislocation. 

Additionally, this bra can be worn to help control swelling in those affected by under arm lymphedema. The 1198 comes in both black and champagne and in sizes 32-52A, 30-52 B&C and 30-46 D&E. Belts are provided at no extra cost per need per bra. 

To allow for maximum compression, prosthesis are not recommended when wearing. There are no pockets in the bra. For a pocketed compression bra we suggest trying our Sporteze zip front. More information can be found in the Pocketed Bras section of our page Breast Care Products.

Please note: Although anyone in need can be measured for and purchase this bra, Medicare and Medicare replacement plans do NOT cover any compression items. Most other insurance plans may help with coverage. Appointments are recommended for compression bra fittings.