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Breastcare Products


Alra Deodorant

Rely on the first, the finest, personal care products for the side effects of cancer treatment. Alra (“all radiation”) has been proven effective and recommended by oncologists across the US for more than 15 years. Alra Care Products are ideal for your special needs during therapy and beyond.

Per the Manufacturer:

Specially Formulated without metallic ingredients...

  • Gentle protection against odor and wetness
  • Oil of Cypress acts as a fragrant astringent
  • Lichen extract is a natural bactericide and fungicide
  • No aluminum or metallic salts to irritate sensitive skin or to interfere with treatment

 Jewelry and Accessories

Each season we get in an assortment of new jewelry, including lovely necklaces, earrings, sunglasses and fine watches. 

All pieces are good quality and moderately priced.


Nipples/Nipple Covers

Washable silicone for long wear.  Non-adhesive.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you."
- RH






Strap Doctor

Cure slipping straps with Strap Doctor. Apply to bra straps, dresses, wigs or lingerie to prevent slipping. This product is discreet and effective. Additionally, each pair is reusable as it can be thrown in the wash still attached to fabric. No Dryer, please. Each pack contains 1 narrow pair and 1 regular pair.


Sometimes we just need that extra bit of encouragement. Compendium has compiled a few books of inspiration. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, the words in these pages are designed to help find peace of mind.

"Remember that You Already Are stronger than you were, and braver than you were."

-You Already Are by M.H.Clark

"And all the ways that you are human-complex and deep and true-are the ways the world connects to you."

-These Words Are For You by M.H.Clark

"Everything you are, Everything you have already lived through, makes you able to weather this storm."

-Read This Till You Believe It by M.H.Clark